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Skin Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Skin Cancer

We are dedicated to skin cancer diagnosis, treatment, prevention and education. 

A holistic and integrated clinical-pathologic approach is vital for the most efficient treatment of skin cancer in individual patients. 

Dr Kath Reynolds conducts:

  • Skin lesion /cancer assessments & removal.
  • Skin and mole checks. 
  • Molemapping with the state of the art Fotofinder Body Scanner.
  • Referrals to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon if required. 

NO REFERRAL NEEDED. This practice does not Bulk Bill. 

A consultation is $150 with a Medicare rebate of $73

Any additional procedures will incur further costs. 

Uniquely, we offer personal and uncomplicated information and an abundance of educational materials to our patients and the local community. Privacy is respected with examinations conducted with the patient in their underwear. 

Skin in the breast, genital, and buttock areas is not routinely examined, however skin cancers can occur in theses regions and any suspicious lesions should be examined by the doctor. 

Treatment will usually be carried out at the time of consultation e.g. biopsy, or perhaps cryotherapy for sunspots. Surgical excisions, however, will usually be scheduled for a separate appointment. 

Payment is required at the time of all appointments with Dr Kath Reynolds. Medicare rebate applies for Skin Doctor consultation only (not rebatable on other products and services).

Our Specialist Doctor Kath Reynolds

 Dr Kath Reynolds is a Skin Specialist GP, with a special interest in skin treatments, acne treatments, skin cancer diagnosis and prevention and removal and mole checks. She has had a special interest in skin conditions and has been treating for over 25 years.